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Vanessa Sever
Vanessa Sever

Mesaj Sayısı : 29
Kayıt tarihi : 29/08/08

MesajKonu: COME BACK TO ME   Cuma Ağus. 29, 2008 2:17 pm

Everyday, I try to play, another game
But my heart can't take it
I try to find, another boy, but all the while I can't face it
Why do I miss you so much, I want to stop this hurt inside
Oh baby, please give us one more try
I see you with all your friends
Laughning it up as you pretend to have a goodtime
I know " Cause I'm living the same lie
One of us has got to say, we can't keep living this same way
So I'll be the one , yea I'll say, it I'll say, it I'll say it again
Baby , come back to me
In my heart I still believe, we were meant to be
Together so what ever it takes
Baby, come back to me,
I should have never set you free
My baby... come back
I want to call, but then I stall,
" Cause after all I Just couldn't take it
If your play , was the push me away, you know that day
My heart you'd break it
I know I made a mistake , can't you stop your foolish pride
And come back to me
Let's try it, Let's try it, Let's try it again
I know you miss your baby v
And I can see that you think about me
So why do you act like you don't care
Like all this between us isn't there
I know that you're upset , I know I did you wrong
I know that you want me to pay for all the pain I've caused
But in the end , it all comes down to just one thing
You and me , so I sing
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